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April 06, 2010


A certain Spyder Girl really got the ball rolling with her blog that so titillated us all. Indeed, it brought back old memories for me, especially of my dad, the big pianist who tinkled the ivorys in the Blue Dawn Orchestra for many years. That was the dance band he played in during the period from 1950, up until well into the eighties. The band practiced at our house every Thursday night for thier gigs on Friday and Saturday. Their main gig was at the Rod and Gun Club on Saturday night.

Anyway, my dad wore the same suit jacket to these gigs, the one with the velvet lapels and the big buttons. Secreted in the inside vest pocket was a treasure I have kept until today. This little paper booklet made me somewhat popular with my friends, because for mere dime, I'd sneak them into the house for a look-see. Most were disappointed, saying,"They're just drawings, we want the real thing, Bucky!"

But, I never did give a refund.

The book became my lifelong reference point for breast evaluation, because I just can't get these images out of my mind. Aside from the Playboy Calander that hung in the basement (Colored Paintings of  Half Naked Gals by the Month) these images were the first nude pictures I'd ever seen.

So, to make a long story short. I give you CUPCAKES! Sans the icing, of course.  And a big shoutout to Spydergirl for stimulating my long term memory -among other things that go bump in the night!