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October 08, 2011

What a crazy week Steve Jobs passed, Nancy Grace passed -- gas that is.

This was a very emotional week.   We lost a great innovator.

But heaven has gain a technological genius.

It can’t be a week recap without discussing Dr. Conrad Murray.  Let’s see last week Dr. Murray basically said Michael Jackson killed himself.    Let’s just call the good doctor Conrad since he’s obviously not a real doctor,  after all,  Michael Jackson did have to teach him how to inject the Propofol.   Also what cardiac doctor doesn’t know how to perform CPR!

This is an involuntary manslaughter case so let’s just say no matter which way you slice it Conrad is f*cked.  If you didn’t know how to administer the drugs and you still did it and got prescriptions for the drugs it’s negligent and if you did know how to administer the drugs it’s negligent.  So you see Conrad start doing kegel’s for the ass and get ready cause it’s going to be a long four years.

And the fact that some places are comparing Conrad to OJ Simpson,  I got to tell you I can see the similarities:  black men, white women.

Oh yeah and the prosecutors played a tape of the police interview with Murray.  I know it’s shocking that people still actually use and play tapes but it happened.

Wow Nancy Grace seems to be getting all the attention on Dancing with the Stars and it’s not for her dance moves.  First there was the nip slip and now passing gas.  What’s next Nancy a wig malfunction, a shot of your va jay jay, or an accidental pee leakage.   Let’s get it together Nancy before we have to start calling you Nancy DisGrace.

ESPN has officially fired Hank Williams Jr. for his comment comparing President Obama to Hitler.  I wonder what gave it away was it Obama’s little moustache, his hand in the air salute or the mass murders.  It’s a good thing we have Hank Williams Jr. and all his Rowdy friends to point these things out.

And for some shocking news Lindsay Lohan is being sued.  That’s right instead of her suing she’s being sued.   Look like her plan to stay rich by suing is not panning out.   A limo company is suing her for a $90,000 bill.  It seems as if every month LiLo is being sued or suing someone.  Next month I’m suing Lindsay.