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March 05, 2018

This guy went around New York City doing Stand Up on the train.

As if riding the Subway wasn’t hard enough.

You got this guy begging people for attention. Now isn’t that the saddest thing? As if this cisgendered millennial doesn’t already have enough.

It’s Showtime.

Where does he get off?

or when?

I am not doing wordplay. If we allow this to continue we run the risk of normalizing this behavior. He’s still my dude, but I don’t know if we should condone this.

but also who would ever think to do that?

Is it that hard to find an audience that wants to actually sit through this? Things can’t be that bad for these guys that they have to go around and hound strangers for validation.

Wait, I was wrong.

The subway is not a place for your latest routine.

Could this be the future of where comedy is going? Soliciting oneself for approval?

New York City Subway Stand Up scene is cut throat.

Someone once said all the world’s a stage.

Wonder if this was what they were envisioning.

If no one wants this guy on their stage why even bother?

“ladies and gentleman, your next comic of the night”

Also why didn’t he blur anyone’s face?

SERIOUSLY!? How is anyone supposed to share this?

I hope to god this doesn’t go viral.

Or if it does.

Lesson learned.

I want to see some signed waivers.