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May 22, 2010


You guys know about my firends from a few weeks ago who are having their wedding. I knew them both when they were married to other people yada yada yada bla bla bla. Ok well the wife to be and I were out at roadhouse the other day and she was saying how hard it was going to be to find a preacher to dress up like a pirate. And I remembered an episode from Freinds and am now an ordained minister....Rev. Raymond J. from my own new ministery of the First Templers Knights of Colorado. (please pronounce Knights the Monty Python way. Kinigets.) For 45 dollars more I can recieve and honorary Doctorates with a 6 page life experience disordation. Rev. Dr? I am doing this because I am a spiritual man I think maybe I will turn more and more to being a Rev. as time goes by. And by the way if you are in CO  and need to get married, I charge 50.00 for a wedding any where any time within city limits. 100  if up the pass. Rehersals are also 100.00. midnight weddings are 75.00. Salvation certificates arevailable. Baptisms are 15.00 unless you want the whole dunk then its 100.00 but if its in a bathtub I'll only charge you 25.00. I'm not available for funerals because dead people freak me out, but I will entertain offers like if you want to give me 500.00 to do a funeral I'll probably do it if the rent is due. Now you have to get your own Liscense because this isn't Vegas and I cant ssell you one. I have really nice Certificates that is ordained by my church they are 20.00. I'll mail it to you after the printing is done. This summer is the big Gay Wedding Special. For 50.00 I will mary you up anywhere in the city and throw in a Certificate for free.  thats almost half price for the wedding.And this discount aplies to gay couples only. I also do theme weddings, they cost more, If I have to buy a costume the cost will charge back. i do star trek weddings, Dr. who weddings, What ever floatsyour boat. But  there is extra cost in a theme wedding so call ahead to plan and pay. Ok thats the workng end of the donkey, stay tuned for the causes and mission. Pay up front and I'm gone when its all sighned. My first booked wedding is a Pirate wedding.