'Tis the season to be Molly Ringwald...? 

Getting in the non-denominational why not just make fun of everyone spirit, I proposed the topic "December People"

I started with "Snowman Polanski". 

Here are my 10 favorites.

(Fun fact, 10 is more than the number of days there are in Hannukah, but less than the days in Christmas, according to one weird song) 

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10. Eddie Blizzard - Ali Garfinkel 

9. Sleet Ulrich - McMullin3

(As far as Ulrich puns go, well, that's about As Good As It Gets) 

8. Dr. Dreidel - Zach Brown

7. Myrrha Sorvino - Nootelluh

6. Zooey Dashernel - Ian Campbell

(Oh deer. I love her. Too adorkable) 

5. Christian Sleighter - Garrett Johnson

4. Jackie Chanukah - Matt Bogdanow

( I bet he'd eat a lot of Chinese food on Christmas) 

3. Rudolph Lundgren - Nevdogg

2. Yarmulke Lewinski - Corey Carrier 

(This guy Israeli funny!) 

1. Arthur Herbert Kwanzaarelli - Jonathan Taterka 


Once again, quite impressed. Inspired by the fricking amazing trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" that came out this week, the theme for the next #PunFun is "Sitcom-ics". 

Mash up anything from a sitcom with anything from the comic book universe. 

I'll start. "The Bat-Mcbeal".  Up, up, and away!