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June 11, 2017

Bloggers bloggers everywhere and not a blog to blog.

Joe Blogs has come out saying that the death of online digital blogs is a travesty, on his blog. He first reported the news through a listical entitled “10 reasons why the internet has ruined everything”.

“The internet is so full of people’s thoughts now, why can’t they all just go somewhere else with what they’re thinking. I’ve been here for way longer than them.” Joe wrote, this was number four on his list. Number 1 was in reference to the amount of art he’s seeing on Google’s homepage and questioning if it’s “a fucking Renaissance or something?”

The blog post was read by a massive 13 people according to Joe. This is a number that he hasn’t seen since he posted that satirical article about Eamonn DeValera housing refugees up his nose. “It’s incredible, this kind of controversy is getting me views. I’m hot property around the town now. Finally some attention!” Joe has been writing blogs since before Yahoo added the extra “o”.