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Published August 04, 2008 More Info ยป
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Published August 04, 2008
so my little sister is visiting me from WI this week. it's been super-awesome. we played croquett and bachi ball (i'm sure i spelled that wrong). and, as always i learned something new about diabetes...she has to time her meals out perfectly and she can't really snack inbetween because it'll throw off her blood sugar. that would drive me bananas. i love's my third favorite activity on this here planet earth. anyway, onto the whole END OF THE WORLD part of as you know i predicted the Apocalypse in 1,395,422 days, last week. this was incorrect the end of the world will beon my sisters 22nd birthday...12/12/2012 the Aztec calandar ENDS on that day...there are no more days after that according to Aztecs. several Chinease calandars also end on that day. and, as i said before, it is my little sister's birthday this is not an omen to be trifled with so apparently i'm gonna have to step my game up if i'm gonna fuck julia allison...which is no good because she hasn't been in NYC in a while and i am, at the moment, waaaaay too broke to be chasing internet hotties. so if anyone wants to help free me from my financial restraints and nail this online bimbo...please make all cheques payable to the SEX WITH CYBERHOTTIES FOUNDATION. wish me luck everyone! i don't have nearly as much time as i originally thought! DAYS UNTIL THE APOCALYPSE: 1,225 DAYS SPENT TRYING TO FUCK JULIA ALLISON: 12