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March 06, 2008


can't even begin 2 explain what's going on with the numbers replacing words. it just started happening today. maybe it's the pot. could be dyslexia. or possibly my fingers are just even lazier than the rest of me, to the point where i have no control over them and they just start using numbers 4 words without my consent. fuckers. they must be stopped.

so apparently some fucktard on a bike threw a bomb at the times square army recruitment station this morning. now i understand that this is no laughing matter, but there are a couple of things about this particular situation that i take issue with. mostly the fact that this must have occured before 7.30am. look, i realize that this was an act of protest and not as violently motivated as it will be made out to be, but seriously, if you wanna make a statement that people in this town will remember, do it AFTER everyone has had their wake up fix (whatever that may be). i'll bet that when the bomb went off most people nearby just kept walking and didn't make eye contact. if they avoided schrapnel (and from early reports, everyone did) they just pushed on past. people, this is NYC,a non-lethal explosion in times square at the ass-crack of dawn is not gonna rattle any cages. i know if i was there i would have assumed it was con edison (con al-qiedison) and kept right on going. also, why the army recruitment station. that's basically attacking our brave soldiers head on (well, it'll seem like it after the media gets done with it) and all the negativity gets placed back on the protester. didn't we learn anything from vietnam? if we as citizens react to this current idiotic situation in the same fucktastic way we did in the 70's by spitting on out own troops in protest of something most of them probably don't really believe in anymore we're no better off than captain cockbag and the rest of those equine fornicators that have maintained a residence in the casa blanca for the past 8 years. i really should get to projectile vomit on them. that's what someone should hire me for. but i'm just gonna keep going about this forever, so i gotta stop. if i find this all a bit verbose and pointless i can't imagine how anyone reading feel. sorry this wasn't funnier. i'll be here all day in my chamber so im sure i'll come up with something better soon.

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