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Published: May 02, 2011
Description: The Problem with elderly drivers is
I want to discuss the problem of elderly drivers today. Now when I talk about elderly, I'm talking about the drivers who think that they can still drive despite the fact that they can't see a BARN if they drove through it! I understand that you may not want to give up on the fact that you can still drive but let's get real!!

There has been many times that I've been driving behind someone on the highway that I'm sure has just died and the car is just coasting along until it runs out of gas!! Go ahead and laugh but you've been behind these people as well! THAT'S also why they never turn their blinkers off for miles...they are D...E...A...D! Doesn't it make sense? Good Lord..I've almost died of old age from being behind these people waiting for them to make a simple turn!

Now I don't want Senior Citizens to get all riled up and write me letters saying that they can drive their Model T as good now as they did then. I mean maybe you're just not supposed to be out on the road if the seasons change every time you go to the corner store!! If that happens then you better start thinking about buying a 4x4 truck because then people won't care about who's behind the wheel...and they'll just GET THE HECK OUTTA THE WAY!!