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April 18, 2009


Ok I posted this and it croaked out while I wrote it... so here I go again...

Blogs are quite a commitment. I dunno. I write for a living but when it comes to this and the quasi-blog on my web site, I am blog-blocked.

And now TWITTER!!! You mean I now must learn how to f'ing tweet?!?

I know with the Internet we're all closely connected and geography means nothing but maybe it was better when we had less of a connection. I mean do we really need to post what we friggin' ate
for breakfast or who we drank with last night? Or what we drank for breakfast and who we... well you get it.

I like my technology just as much as the next gal but maybe we need to slow it down or at the very least pry ourselves away from it from time to time. Ya know, stop and smell the roses. By which I mean, actually WALKING to a store to buy some so or GOING to a park to see them there! Versus the cutesy emails of roses we get from friends with some, say, inspirational Flash presentation. (Update to the song: You don't send me flowers...CYBER flowers.. anymore?!?)

And whatever happened to writing letters? Remember pen and paper? Pretty stationary that did not need to be inkjet or laser friendly?

Technology is great, I admit it. And I am addicted to it at times too. Don't catch me on a day that I have not been able to check email for a few hours (YES, I refuse to do this on my cell. And I hardly text. A conscious choice.) But I do miss the more tactile aspects of the world. Remember LPs and album art? Now it's downloads on Ipods and CDs will soon be a thing of the past.

So slow down sometimes and enjoy the world outside technology. It's still there.

Well I gotta go answer my cell and check my emails now...