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September 30, 2016

Jack Skellington is the skeletal remains of a once-living Korean American anesthesiologist named Jack Eun-Ji.

What up, Tim Burton here. BOO! Haha. Couldn’t resist. So check it: I got interviewed by this magazine or website or something about the fact that all the kids in my new movie, Miss Periwinkle’s Home For Pale Freaks or whatever it’s called (like most people, I stopped caring about my movies some time after Sleepy Hollow) are white, and they came at me with all this noise about how my movies don’t have enough diversity in them. First off, let me remind yall’s asses that my films have featured ghouls, creeps, boneheads, strong female corpses, Beetleji (plural of Beetlejuice) AND scissorhands, which to me seems pretty dang diverse – but I get it, most of my characters are, technically speaking, white… with one key exception. You’re gonna wanna listen up for this, ‘cause it may well blow your mind:

The character Jack Skellington, beloved skeleton protagonist of my classic stop-motion animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas, was AND CONTINUES TO BE Asian.

What’s this? I’m Asian.

Oh, sorry – does that shock you?

I thought it might.

That’s right, your friend bony Jack is in fact a proud Asian-American skeleton. Now, you might say, “Timmy, baby, the guy’s got no skin or eyes, how we supposed to tell he’s Asian?” Oh, I’m sorry – should I also have given him an offensive, over-the-top, Long Duck Dong-style Asian accent? Sorry, but T. Burts doesn’t deal in stereotypes. Perhaps all you PC freaks throwing shade at me for “not having diversity” in my films ought to take a hard look in the mirror because maybe it is YOU who is racist, for thinking that there’s one “way” for a skeleton to “be Asian.” Shame on you.

“Oh shit, Tim! We fucked up!” - The Haters

Here are the facts: in the world of Nightmare Before Christmas – and this is canon – Jack Skellington is the skeletal remains of a once-living Korean American anesthesiologist named Jack Eun-Ji. As a living man, he liked paddle boarding, spending time with friends and going to the movies. No, not Kung Fu movies, you racist, romantic comedies were his favorite. After Jack Eun-Ji died in a tragic snowboarding accident, he took on a spookier sounding surname, “Skellington,” in order to fit in with the other ghouls and creeps in the afterlife. But Jack is still very much an Asian man’s bones.


Asian bones.

An Asian leading man? Sounds pretty progressive to me. And keep in mind this was in 1993. Your boy’s been promoting diversity in Hollywood since WAY before it was cool.

Maybe next time you start flinging wild accusations at the original king of spooky, remember: those who live in ASS houses should NOT throw BONES.

So check out my white-ass new movie, Miss Tiddlywink’s Home For Weirdos, in theatres pretty soon probably. Like I said, I don’t really pay attention to my movies anymore.


– Tim “The Ghoul Man” Burton