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June 10, 2008


Dont ask me why, but for some reason Jehovah witnesses seem to comb my neighborhood regularly. Everyday of the week they come at least two or three cars deep and blanket my small town with pamphlets and reading material not worthy enough to grace the crack of my ass to wipe it clean. But besides that. Where do these people make this great amount of money that they can be on their mission of bothering people on a daily basis. With gas getting up above four dollars a gallon it seems that they might be slowing down but they do not. They dont even show up in hybrids or four cylinder vehicles. Its always SUV's too. Just an observation I made today. Come to think of it maybe I will talk to them about joining next time they come around. Could there possibly be some great tax break on gas that they get in their beliefs. The Witnesses' Petroleum Discount.  I will let you all know.