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December 17, 2009


Thank you very much for all your concerns.  I flew to California Friday afternoon to join my friends to say goodbye to Joy. 

It was great to see my friends again even though in a sad circumstance. 

A new dawn . . . a new day . . .

What is your time? What is your season?

A few months ago I was befriended by Joy in Facebook.  I was static!  Joy was a college friend and we parted ways 15 years ago when she went to Med school and I was forced to come to the United States.

I thank Facebook for reconnecting me with old friends and giving me a chance to meet new ones.

With each funny message I read from her and every time she LOLed at what I'm telling her . . . the 15 years melted away.  In a matter of days, it felt like we've never been apart!

We could interpret your lifetime as your season.

Yesterday I received text message from a mutual friend of Joy and I.  The subject line reads: "Stop.  Sit down before you continue reading . . ."  Message continued as: "Joy's husband called and informed me that Joy passed away this morning."

We have lost a friend, a dear friend. We're still in disbelief.

Try not to come to the end of your season or another's season with regrets that if only I had a little more time I would have . . .

I am choosing  to remember the wonderful times we had together. I thank God that I was blessed to have had a part in her life and she in mine. Realize how fragile life is and how helpless I can be when the unexpected occurs.

She left a treasure of beautiful memories.  Joy will be missed . . . I already am missing her.

To all of you . . .  
  Accomplish your desires.
  Make your impact.
  Connect with someone disconnected.
  Enjoy the coming Holiday Season.
  Always enjoy the wonders of the world and your time

I ask myself this, what will I do with my time, my season?
I will be thinking of all of you . ..

Joy (February 14th, 1971 to Decmeber  16, 2009)
Rest in peace . . .