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October 14, 2009


Things I am randomely thinking about...

1) Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to have kids play with lawn darts back in the 80's.  I remember stories of kids spearing them selves like little kid kebabs... (Im just jelous because my mom would not get them for me)

2) Where was I when Queens,BK, Staten Italy , N.J and Westchester got together and decided that day-glo orange was the color everyone should be. I am naturally olive- and fortunately can refrain from tanning - but I look like an albino now compared to everyone else ...I do not want to conform but my fear of pastyness is getting the better of me.

3) speaking of day glo orange... what ever happened to freezie freakies.... ( did you like that transition) I want to wear a unitard made completely out of freezie freakies secret magic fabric.... 

4) I will say this .. and I will be crucifide... but I never really liked sex in the city....
honestly- I had no interest in a desperate girl.. an old skank .. a closet lesbian and the token wasp... my real life was way more interesting... and with that I will also say I fucking HATE musicals.... hate hate hate....I rented Sweeney Todd and almost slit my own wrists with a fucking straight blade...
I like Shows like ROME... blood/ Sex.. a little history....perfection... 

I have a billion other things running through my mind right now.... too much to write.. but i have officially deemed fod my resevoir tip of rants... :)