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January 13, 2009


It's a lovely 84 sweltering degrees here.  Back in my home state(s) (a holler out to Illinois and Ohio) right now they can't move for the cold and snow. And yet when I see the photos of cars spinning out and icicles on noses, I find a certain longing for the good old days. The ones when I would go out and shovel and it would be up to my knees by the time I got to the end of the driveway. I was never a good shoveler. I would shovel about two loads and then turn and admire my work. Shovel another and turn. Maybe that was because I worked in 'head' stuff....research, writing, teaching. It was so great to see immediate concrete results of my labors. And speaking of labors, there was the glorious snow storm that caused me to slam into the car in front of me while pregnant...that'll get you some good attention. I miss boots...galoshes actually. And hot apple cider. Didn't crave that today. So call me crazy. I want to VISIT the snow. Just visit. Just for a day. Well, maybe an hour. From inside. That's it. I am inside looking out at the beautiful snow with nowhere that I need to go....ahhhh.