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August 18, 2017

As a female I have a hard time making up my mind about if I like things or not, so I went to the most qualified group of men I know: Boys on Tinder!

About a year ago I watched the film “Devil”, and to my detriment could not form an opinion about it! Did I like it or hate it?! Who knows what’s happening in this lady brain! So, I polled the boys of Tinder to see what their opinion on the 2010 film “Devil” directed by M. Night Shyamalan and staring the Mindy Project’s Chris Messina.

This was the profile I made. Don’t worry, I asked my boyfriend for permission and he said “Ashley, shut up its 3 am go to bed!” For the record my Anthem is “Working Girl” by Dolly Parton.

tinder profile edit.jpg

In the 24 hours I Tindered I got 72 matches, and I messaged every single of of those 72 matches what they thought about “Devil”. I received many responses! Here’s the highlights:


I appreciated Diego’s answer because he gave me a clear answer that I could understand. I did not appreciate his attack on my PERSONAL TASTE AND ABILITY TO MEASURE OUT CINNAMON.

kyle edit.jpg

Kyle was a silly goose, but I think I really helped him with his confidence. I mean, could you imagine sitting in a theatre and thinking everyone else suspected the old lady when you didn’t. Poor Kyle.

shawn edited.jpg

At first I was impressed by Shawn, he has his own publication after all. I didn’t appreciate him asking for outside opinions and then attacking that persons body! I mean, at first it made me feel cool, like being a popular girl in middle school, but then I realized it was wrong and I told my mom.

christian edited.jpg

I think my reaction GIF says it all here. F*** you, Christian.

aron edited.jpg

A-ron really tried to impress me with his movie knowledge, that much is clear, but he was trying to trick me by throwing out communist jargon. Little did he know, I’m a communist queen and therefore could decipher that he was lying!

sami edited.jpg

Then there was Sami! He thought it was nice! Like a polite date to the spring promenade, was “Devil” to Sami.