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June 06, 2013

An opinion article about the New York Jets Incidents with a female reporter in the locker room.

Women Reporters By Sebastian  Chojnowski

              Women reporters in the locker room? Good? Bad? Wonderful? I guess it all depends if you're a player or a women. An incident happened in 2010 that involved Ines Sainz, a very healthy looking Mexican journalist, and the New York Jets. It all started when Ines went into the Jets locker room to interview players after the game. According to Ines, as soon as she walked into the locker room everyone started talking about her and making jokes. Ines said she has been hassled on the job before but never as rudely as the Jets have treated her. But she decided not to pay any attention to it. In addition to the locker room language, Sainz also had footballs thrown in her direction during a Jets practice. Sainz says she trusts the NFL will take the appropriate actions in regard to the incident. This is a picture of NOT what Miss Sainz was wearing on the day of the incident but Miss Sainz herself claims that the outfit best resembles what she wore to the Jets practice. I understand that this isn't Saudi Arabia and Miss Sainz here has the freedom to wear anything she pleases, although she should be aware that her outfits may influence others attitudes. As an experienced reporter, Miss Sainz should dress as a professional, perhaps a suit and tie like the male reporter wear. Dress for success not for sex. And then we have the Jets players, who apparently have never seen a pretty woman walking around. (Ignorant voice) “Well then she should not be walking around the locker room when players are naked.” It doesn't take an hour to cover yourself with a towel. Guys, lets have some respect there’s ladies present. Maybe if the Jets players hide their P's and actually play some D they'll win some games, but that's just my opinion.