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August 24, 2009


My mom passed away in late October of 1999, and two things always stuck in my mind about the day of her funeral.

First of all, I remember my dad wanting to bring a camera to the funeral services like we were going to her birthday party. And he didn’t even have a nice camera. He had one of those crummy disposable ones. I wish he wanted to bring his loud, clunky, Polaroid camera with a giant flash. At least that would have been funny.

The other thing I remember is before we left for the funeral home, so we could start the funeral procession to Holy Cross Church in Lewiston, Maine, I noticed a random Ladybug  on the side of my brother’s house. I always thought that was weird because it was late October and too cold for bugs to still be hanging around in New England

After that, I always associated Ladybugs with my mom – which is good because until then I always associated Ladybugs with the 1992 Rodney Dangerfield comedy called Ladybugs where he convinces child actor Jonathan Brandis to pretend to be girl so he can play soccer on the girl’s soccer team that Rodney’s been forced to coach. 

But, strangely enough, since that first Ladybug sighting, I have noticed Ladybugs turning up on several occasions. Here are a few examples:

-One time when I was visiting my mom's grave, someone had placed a large ladybug ornament of the grave stone directly in front of her grave.

-Last Christmas, my sister-in-law found a Ladybug on my jacket when I was visiting Maine for the holidays. Once again, another cold weather sighting!

-I was on a date a few years ago with a lovely young girl, who my mom would not approve of, to say the least, and when we stopped at a grocery store to pick up beer, I saw one of those metallic mylar balloons at the checkout counter that was shaped like a Ladybug. And if that wasn’t enough, the Ladybug balloon was giving me a look with a raised eyebrow that said, “what are you doing with this hussy??”

FYI – I got laid that night.

-But the weirdest Ladybug encounter happened on Mother’s Day, about 5 or 6 years ago. I was living on Sweetzer Ave in West Hollywood, which was exciting at the time because it was my first apartment with my own bedroom after having crashed on a couch for my first nine months out here.

Anyway, I walked into my very first private bathroom and I saw a Ladybug on the bathroom floor!! Even if you’re a skeptic, you still have to admit that’s pretty trippy. I mean what are the odds of seeing all of those other Ladybugs, let alone one on Mother’s Day??

When I bent down to pick up the Ladybug, I realized that the Ladybug was dead. I must have accidentally crushed it on an earlier trip to the bathroom and not realized it. And to be one hundred percent honest with you, my mom deserved what she got that day. It’ll teach her a lesson for not respecting my privacy and spying on me in the bathroom.