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March 10, 2011

Former NY Giant is going the extra yard after a helmet he donated was swiped from a children's charity in NJ

Here’s a lighter NFL story that doesn’t involve cross-dressing or people getting shot in bars: Hall Of Fame linebacker Harry Carson had donated one of those mini-helmets to a non-profit charity auction to help kids with cancer, but then somebody stole it. Carson responded like a pro and offered to replace it.

Email from Harry   '' I will donate another helmet to the charity but instead of a mini helmet I would be donating a Giants full size “Throwback” Replica Helmet. Let me know if you are available around 1:00 Wednesday afternoon…Actually, if it helps the charity I would be willing to personally deliver the item if the highest bidder is in the NY/NJ area'.

    [emails courtesy of Tom Murro at celebritymagnet.com]

Even more impressive than Carson’s generosity is his ability to recognize that they couldn’t keep track of a mini-helmet, so he (a) donated a helmet that was larger, and therefore easier to see, but also (b) offered to hang onto it until the auction was over. You’re a swell guy, Harry. As for the person that stole an auction item from the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation? I’m sure he’ll eventually get what’s coming to him. Or her.

Bid on Carson’s helmet here until the 28th. And no, I didn’t steal the original helmet. I only steal from healthy kids. They don’t realize how good they have it.