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March 08, 2017

im really sorry. this is not funny at all. there is no point in reading it. its a little over three hundred words of me being sarcastic and grumpy about the world. enjoy

The world leaders = teresa may (sacry) vlady putin (twat) francy holland (dick) trump (one word description impossible) and who ever the fuck rules china.(im gonna make a terrible guess and say there morrals are not exacly those of an angel)

Here in ireland we have corrupt bankers and rapist preists in charge and racist farmers

over in england they have chavs and dodgy toffee nosed snobs in charge.

In france we have pathetic men bombing inocent people cus some crazy daesh scum killed there innocent people and obviously EVERYONE in syria MUST be a terrorist and must be bomed. Good call francy but look on the bright side at least theres miss pen up in running for next french president *sees bleach and tries not to think thirsty thought*.

China is of course not corrupt at all. Everyone there is free to think what they want stand up for there beleifs *I wonder if that bleach tastes nice*

putin is just a sweetheart. I love that he has so much respect for women the LGBT community in tropical russia.

And of course come to america! Tired of the cost of your children? Send them to one of our fantastic schools thanks to our excellent education system your child might get some marks in exams and even if they dont it dousnt matter becuase of our manditory school shooting scheme theres a good chance theyll never make it out of school alive. And we have the most charming clubs to join all over the country welcome to all kinds of people (so long as there white) from the cheery chapies in the KKK to the freindly folks down in the westborough baptist church, you are spoiled for choice. As for the real life oompa loompa running our great nation- while he is in charge you will always feel safe and secure that the leader of the free world is not a lunatic.*that bleach is looking really freindly*