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August 16, 2010

Somebody says "look there's a dead bird!" And the blonde looks up and says"where?"   

There's a Blonde a brunette and a red head and they're trapped on an island. The red head sees a boat that's 100 miles away so she swam 50 miles and drowned, then the brunette swam 75 miles and drowned and then the blonde went and swam 99.9 miles and said "i'm too tired." and swam all the way back.  

There's a blonde and a brunette and they're going to make pizza rolls in a microwave and the blonde says "oops! I forgot press start." so she went and pressed start and it was going and everything. So the brunette looks down and says "did you forget to put the pizza rolls in the microwave."  

There's a blonde a brunette and a red head and they got captured by this guy and took them one at  a time to kill them. The Brunette was first and as the gun was at her head she yelled "look a tornado!" and the guy turned around and the brunette got away. Next was the red head and she yelled "look a dinosaur!" and got away. Next was the blonde and she yelled "Fire!" and she died.