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July 04, 2010


Shitwraps and Chinese gymnasts make for tough capping but you guys came up with some tender vittles. I hope the winner will keep this thing going and we all continue to invite more folks from different circles to participate. Thanks all for participating.

Below are some of the ones that got my goat:

16 Time Chinese Poop Larvae World Champions... johanwayne
( I hear PF Chang's poop larvae sliders are to die for.)

All the other mascots were taken; all that was left was "Turtle Head Shell" ViewOfTheWu

The third girl from the right passed this during her balance beam routine. keibar
(But did she stick the landing?)

It took team 1 and half year to fill Godzilla pocket pussy anus. We sure to catch him now! MarsLumograph

(Godzilla can't get pussy?)

"How uh, nice, of the German team to be so...thoughtful, er."  trident

The Prolapsed-Rectum Float-Building Club was not an immediate success.

(Give it time, don't force it)

The Herpes Simplex 2 Award (runner up)

(This is Anne Geddes' brain)

This is Anne Geddes' brain on drugs... csymonz

(This would make for a great calendar theme.)

The Herpes Simplex 1 Award (winner and new host)

"Who far....nevermind."


Short and sweet, and makes me laugh every time I read it. Congrats and I hope you keep the flame alive and spread the virus.