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January 08, 2012

I guess it's a blog (I'm not entirely sure what one is.) Essentially, i'll be ranting about things that annoy me.


That word was big. It is going to draw your attention to the top of the page and make you intrigued as to what i'm about to write. I hope. Maybe it won't. Maybe it will annoy you, and make you think 'Wow this person's an idiot'. I get that feeling a lot. In my blog/rant/thing I will try and limit the use of exclamation marks, as they annoy the hell out of me. I has a friend who ends every single text with one. It makes me want to shoot him in the face. 

I've been thinking about the word blog. But now I've been thinking about it for a little while, it no longer sounds like a word. I guess it's not really a word, is it? It's the amalgamation of the words 'web log'. I'm finding it hard to write now because all I can see in massive letters in the front of my brain is the word


This is my first blog, so I think I should keep it spontaneous so that you want to read more of my blogs. I'm usually quite a pessimistic person, but I speak my mind. Most people find it funny. I tell someone I hate them, they laugh. I don't know why. People don't take me seriously. Maybe if I use my blog to rant about important things, people will start taking me seriously.

So, todays rant topic shall be... The instructions on the back of the sanitary towel packet (or as all you Americans say, Sanitary Napkins.See, I thought napkins were the cloth things Nan only drags out at Christmas. Obviously I'm wrong). Okay, this may seem insignificant to many of your lives (especially the men), but when you think about it... Why are they there? Okay, the tampon packets, you can put them on there. But sanitary towels? No idiot has ever picked up a sanitary towel and gone 'Hey, I know what I'm going to do with this. PUT IT ON MY FACE' and just walked around like that. However, if I did see a person on the street with a sanitary towel on their face, I think i'd be the one taking a picture, not correcting them. If anything, I'd be directing vibes of hate towards them for their pure idiocy. To be honest though, jokes on them when they go home and find out, even though they wore a sanitary towel, their period still somehow managed to leak. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed that. If not, LEAVE NOW. To be honest, if you didn't enjoy it, you should've left earlier on, when I had just BEGUN my rant. Really, you just wasted your own time. But for the people that enjoyed it, thanks ;D I will try and remember to write another blog/rant/thing soon.

Much love,