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March 11, 2010


The Envelopes Please.... And the Winners are..

Honorable Mentions:

Best Pedowhale Pickup Line:
JoeLeeThree for - "There's nothing UNNATURAL about it, Baby!"

Best Segue to a Pedowhale PU line : bigjas for - "Yeah one of my friends got into trouble the other day at sea world,you have pretty hair.."

Best Use of a "Neg" prior to a PDW PU line: Keibar for - "Kid, I've got two words for you: ear wax."

Bronze Medal

Best PSA from a Cetacean: Jimbobaluie for - "Never use shampoo that contains an essence of phytoplankton."

Silver Medal

Best Twisted Observation: Gerhardguffaw for - "These open air toilets have no privacy."

Gold Medal

Best Gourmandise Savoir Faire: phukuhp for "sssssssssnnff GOOD BOUQUET, NICE COLOR, A HINT OF KELP, WELL BALANCED. YES, GARCON I'LL HAVE ONE OF THESE..."

Congratulations and thanks to everyone...

I think our blog posts are a lot like our children. We usually conceive and create them in a hot rush of passion, then we pay for our fun suffering the morning sickness of selfdoubt and enduring the missing periods of time and thought as our prodigious progeny grows and develops and is finally delivered kicking and screaming, leaving us drained emotional wrecks with digital stitches and psychic stretchmarks.

We feed them and shape them and nurture them and eventually proudly present them to our friends and the cold cruel world of strangers and critics that await them like wolves and vampires and flesh eating bacteria. Some of them grow and thrive to become proud accepted members of society, while others - well they wither and rot and fail, just more roadkill on the side of the information superhighway.

Like my last blog for instance, as well conceived and carefully crafted it may have been (or not), it ended up a crude, obscene, and  misunderstood perversion not allowed to live within 200 yards of a school or playground. As well it should be... So, moving right along...

We can never have too many Caption Contests around here, especially when you have great pictures like this one that have so many... interesting possibilities. I think I'll judge this one myself for a change, so dive on in if you dare!
On your marks, get set, GO!!!