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May 26, 2009


This one is for my buddy ClayJunkie...

i decided to take an interim class for two weeks before summer classes start. checking the registration site, the only thing that peeked my interest was art appreciation. i thought,"how hard could it be? 'yeah, i like that...that looks like shit...that's o.k.'"

well...i'm cramming a 15 week course into two weeks. 6 tests, one final and...A FINAL!

ok, ok...maybe i didn't think this through...not entirely strange ground for me. i'm actually doing quite well. i've always had an interest in art...no talent...but interest.

at any rate, i think my 4.0 GPA is safe...(ok, that was outright bragging...but hey, i'm gonna make the paper for something GOOD this time!

i've had an idea for some photography project in my mind, so this gave me the opportunity to use it. i shot probably 200 pictures, cut them down to 2 contact sheets of 35, then picked three to use.

i started printing...then ran out of ink. loaded the printer with new ink, and started the printing anew. at the end of printing the three pictures out on four 8x10 panels (each) my printer informed me that i was, again, out of ink...$31.95...nice.

after cutting my art board down and masking the layout, i sprayed the back of the panels and stuck them on the art board...then i realised that i masked the layout on the WRONG side of the mark. only on 2 of the pics...

after throwing a sizable tantrum, brenni (my beautiful wife) calmed me down and in her sweet, innocent voice said,"can't you just cut the wide side down?"

humility tastes funny...

well, clay, here they are. and i'm looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks they are. when i showed brenni and the boys, they all asked the same question. "what the hell is that?"

my 5 minute presentation turned into a 20 minute question and discussion session...much like this blog was gonna be: ok, clay, here's my project!

guess i can ramble...

"once a king, always a king,
but once a night is never enough..."