The 2017 World Series has objectively been one of the greatest in Major League Baseball history.

But for one self-proclaimed “old school” baseball fan, that statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

Meet Jeff Hefferman. He’s a 47-year-old facilities manager in Bozeman, Montana.


Despite an evenly matched series featuring some of the game’s biggest stars, several lead changes, and five of the six games so far having been decided by two runs or less, Jeff has somehow found a way to bitch and moan the whole time!

First, it was video replay review, which ensures the right calls are made. But Jeff claims “there’s no place in the game for technology.”


Then, eight home runs were hit in Game 2, and seven in Game 5, which was incredibly exciting for both die-hard and casual fans. However, it wasn’t for Jeff, who insisted “that’s too many homers,” and “the balls are juiced!”


Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 4.40.17 PM.png

Joc Pederson’s “disgusting” home run trot celebration in Game 6

But that’s not all. Players have celebrated clutch home runs with bat flips and jubilant trips around the bases, essentially an emotional extension of the fans watching in the stadium and at home. But for Jeff, they need to “reign it in” because showing emotion on the field “disrespects the game.”


Clearly, no matter what happens in this all-time great World Series, Jeff will find some sort of grievances, against all odds, instead of just shutting the fuck up and enjoying the game.

We can’t wait to see what he’ll bitch about tonight!