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December 27, 2016

A rant for Late Night with Stephen Colbert.

Written By: Kelly Anne Brotman
Date: 12/27/2016
Email: Kellybrotman@gmail.com

Is Technology taking away books away from today’s youth?

(Stephen Colbert Rant: Stephen has make up on him so he looks like an old man and he is sitting by a roaring fire. Sitting in a rocking chair.)

Gather around children and you should hear about the tale when actual books were here. What are books you may ask well this is likely not expertise since books are extinct. Oh sure your parents must of told you of the time when they had drag home book bags filled with paper filled binders with words in them. What are books you may ask, why there are the stories, history and memoirs you read on your technology items such as thing I believed called a Kindle, iPad or worse yet an iPhone 7 Plus.

There was a time boys and girls when there was such a thing called a bookstore. That’s Barnes and Noble used to be but thanks to a certain Jeff Bezos that invented Amazon, we had to say goodbye to them. During this era it was cool to sit in them and drink a cup of Joe which is an ordinary cup of coffee and not a thing call Frappuccino or as I like to call them a crappuccino.

Scoff as you may but children did play in the outside where you used a playground for activity. There was these things called cracker jacks, pogo sticks, and a thing called tomagotchi in which I can’t seem to get it to work what does the X’s in it’s eyes mean? Spending time outdoors meant riding your bikes to the nearest comic book store where you read the latest Archie and not watch the soap opera called Riverdale. Now children I suggest you go ask your Mommies and Daddies to go to the nearest book store or in their language, go on Amazon and buy the latest version of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie I guaranteed you would not be disappointed. Good Night and have pleasant dreams in which our president is a lady and not a pumpkin. Good night.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Stephen Colbert Image.