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September 13, 2008


The TV, Paper are filled with it. It disgusts you to no end. New wannabe TV channels, climb up lamp posts and tries and zoom in , bypassing the police barricade to show fresh blood and remains of chaos. Sensationalist reporters interview victims who still have not realized what hit them and breaking news team beams live from the outside the hospitals as people are taken in all that gory.

I realize that terrorists have hit again my world, my country, my city and every time they seem to be getting closer to home.

Thanks to God, me and my family were in-doors when this happened. Me and Father wanted to go shopping for some new cloths, I was thinking of going out to a movie. Mother had other plans, she had invited someone who had invited us last week to home this week.... Bummer !! So all plans canceled. So all ended up safe.

3 of our favorite markets got hit by bombs. My favorite theater, the new renovated REGAL had 2 bombs outside which were defused by the bomb squad. Lucky escape, I think.

After the news set in, it took the Indian Services about 30-40 mins to get their response in action. Police reached the spot, bomb squad at its job and volunteers out in the masses. We have a police officer who lives in the same complex, he took the lead with some other trained volunteers and started checking the neighborhood for any suspicious objects or bags. I also joined in, but they didn't allow me much area since I am untrained. Never-the-less after 3 sweeps, we found nothing.

After that was the favorite Indian pastime, sip tea and gossip, while really doing nothing. Everyone had views of what should be done to prevent this. But most were on the inefficient government, lack of strict justice system and finally bashing of a certain religion which seems to have declared Jehad on us all.

Government in India shall always be weak. Since India is unlike any other mess in the world. India has 14 official languages and unofficially it could well be near 50. Each region, has its own accent, food and behavior. To think that this country is still united, is what amazed the British Vice-Roy too. Then comes the economic facts. India is a aspirant, but its still no where near the top league. With a teaming billion population, no expenditure seems enough. So when the government cannot spend, it also cannot reap returns. As sadly seen with this incident. India just doesn't have the resources to have a cop patrolling every corner and emergency rescue arrive via helicopters. And what little we have has to be put to many uses and the gossip debates on how it should have been spent. And how the damn corrupt politicians are bleeding whatever little we have.

Another popular topic was with regard to Indian Democracy. Indian Democracy is quite different from that of the US. We have hundreds of parties and everyone can huddle,back stab as the see fit. This plus the Indian Diversity gives you one royal stinker. The present government has a majority of less than 10. And one of the recent government fell short of majority by 1 vote !! So every vote/senator/MP (member of parliament) is very important. Now as I said, each region of India has different language, religion,food and creed. So now the government has to walk a very thin line, making sure no MP of any region, ethnicity, religion gets hurt. Else the toothpick castle will fall. End result we have a indecisive,unimaginative government who will not prosecute people of X region/religion/creed of terrorism in fear of losing votes.

Most people in India feel the only good thing we have is our courts, which still dish out justice. But the sad part is the courts are overwhelmed. There are millions of cases filed every month and fair justice means long , very long case hearings. A recent high profile case, where some young drunk rich brat ran over and killed 6 people with his BMW, took nearly a decade for the judgment to arrive. Such examples are given, by the neighborhood cop himself as we sip some more tea. Still not done, it seems.

Then comes the Jihad topic, religion bashing begins. It disgusts me to no end. I am basically a tolerant guy, who feels that there is one god. Whom we call by different names like Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Krishna and so on. I just can't imagine that God (any god) would proclaim heaven for those who kill innocents esp. children. If I and my country have wronged you, I am sorry. If you think this warrants violence, please feel free to fight. But go fight the army, if you are true warriors and have guts go one-on-one with the troops. Leave the rest out, that is my opinion. Everyone listens, no one comments. Till someone blares out an incident from the past, when we were on the receiving end and when they should no mercy. Bashing starts again....

I have had enough, I walk away.

Came online, added a few caps. Sent GG a message and left to bed in disdain.

These blasts have exposed all the gaping holes we have today. Cowards and Mad men who kill innocent, News & Reporter who sensationalize blood and loss , TV channels that are hen-bent on broadcasting images of panic, fear, gross inadequacies all over the world & humiliate India when its already in pain, A government which is by the people but that does not work for it, System which is outdated & not in check with the realities of modern India, Lawless to the highest degree, Hatred for many & love for few and worst of all, the feeling that all your dreams are crashing down....
I can not seemingly be optimistic.... A day passes. I see a flood of good wishes and warm messages (all thanks to GG). As I reply, to each of these messages ( many from new formed friends and well-wishers) .... my anger/disgust seems to decrease inch-by-inch.

As life begins to get to normalcy, it will keep decreasing. And maybe I'll start to dream again. Maybe bigger and clearer this time.

( Thanks again to all those, who sent your messages. I dedicate this first blog to your kind spirits )

And Oooh, the title....

Well I went to the nearby market for some milk and bread in the morning. Suddenly I find, 2 policemen now stationed at the road towards the market. They have one of those metal detectors, he swiftly checks me. Mistake my buttocks for bombs, but thankfully all is ok. After I buy my stuff, the same routine again and now they want to check my bags too.

As I walk away, with a spring in my step ( after those in-depth body checks ). I can't help but smile. I know this show is only for a few days. In another 2-3 days, the cops and the metal detector will be gone. And then , it will be .............

Whoop, there it is !! ( all over again )