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Hello friends!


^^^ This here is a link to a SCRIBD document. Scribd is a script-sharing site, where I've chosen to upload my "Family Guy" episode. Yes, for fun, I decided to write an episode of what has been, years, one of my favorite shows. 

Keep in mind I was born in 1992. So when it aired in its original run, "Family Guy" pretty much taught my young uncorrupted mind everything it needed to. 

It should be noted that no copyright infringement is intended. It's just something I did for fun as a writing exercise. While getting exactly 0 physical exercise. 

The episode is titled "BORED OF THE RINGS". 

The plot summary is as:

Tensions arise between Peter and Lois when they discover that they are not legally married. An old friend who now lives in Stoolbend, VA pops by for a visit. Meanwhile, Brian, upset with how little attention he is being paid, decides to star in his own spin-off. 

Thank you guys for reading. Really do appreciate it! 

- Mike