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June 23, 2009


As you know by now I have too much time on my hands to think about things and quite often it is to do with words so staying on this weeks theme more word wonders. I partly blame a teacher i had when growing up who whenever i got in trouble(alot) his punishment was to make me write out pages of the oxford dictionary. I must have written out most of the dictionary over the course of a year. I thank him for that now in a way although at the time he was a right prick. Anyway today is about looking at words and what they really are. We know words form part of language derived from the 4 corners of the earth and handed down through generations BUT i have always wondered as words are things that human beings have made up are we attributing the right word  to the thing it is describing. As an example we know a chair as a chair but who is to say that it isn't actually a hjeljk or a fryeyu. A dog as a dog or is it really a puwwi-scto or maqwelebber. Just because we call something what we say it is, is it actually really that at all?Or we completely off-base. Have we made sense of the non-sensical by labelling it a language. what is wrong with caveman days when everything was just known as an ug? Are we misrepresenting the environment around us by calling things things they shouldn't be called? these things make me ponder..
ON that topic I have always wondered when i talk to my cat I talk to it in english so therefore my cat is understanding me talking to him in english so does that mean that if I am say chinese that my cat speaks chinese to understand what I am saying? Could a cat be multi-lingual?