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August 21, 2008


My mother loves the “Wizard of Oz.” She has calendars, figurines, clocks, and tote bags depicting elements of the Frank Baum fantasy. The Scare Crow, Cowardly Lion, and Tin Man are her homies.


When I was home most recently, I was lounging in front of the TV and started looking at her DVD and video selection. There were an older person’s staples like a “Murder She Wrote” boxed set. A Masterpiece Theater mini-series called “A Jewel in the Crown,” about turn of the century Britain. And then there was a set that was a little, um…out of place. It was the second season of “Oz”. That’s right, HBO’s  jailhouse drama featuring lots of beatings and prison sex.


Mom thought Oz simply must have something to do with the Wizard of Oz. Toto and ruby slippers are nowhere to be found in Oz. Mom, you’re not in Kansas anymore. Adorable. I love my mom.