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Published: June 16, 2010
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Web Advice Wednesday with Spydergirl will not air tonight.  Spydergirl's blog is under scrutiny . . . new blog will be posted next Wednesday.

So, I will just share my photography to you . . . or as Phukuhp would say "Your photographs!!!"

I love red barns as much as I love light houses and totem poles.

"I am a tree hugger!"  The bark of this tree looks like brownies ~ Yummy!

Flower and the Bee ~ how I wish I have zoom lens

I call this "Vicodin bouquet"  It's a bouquet I received when I had my hand surgery last year.  I took this picture under the influence of vicodin.

Can you tell who my favorite painter?

Frozen tundra ~

This was taken at the Mission in Santa Barbara

Beach at Santa Barbara

I hope you enjoyed them ~ Happy Hump Day amd enjoy the rest of the week.


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