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August 07, 2008


i try not to blog about sports...specifically football...because, even though i LOVE sports...specifically football...they are a subject that the mere mention of can alienate certain people.

as anyone who reads me knows, my goal in life is to make everyone feel both welcome'd and alienated all at once (or something like that...seriously, do you think i have GOALS?!?).

nevertheless i avoid blogging about sports, but today i can avoid it no longer because my favorite athlete on the planet, Mr. Brett Favre, has moved from the hallowed grounds of Lambeau Field to the Big Apple and the New York Jets.

Having this living testament to grit and toughness living in my city (even if it's just to put a nice footnote on the end of one of the greatest careers in the history of modern sport) is truly inspiring.

Just knowing that one of the true for-the-love-of-the-game type players is within striking distance of me makes the world seem brighter...more fun.

i might try to see a Jets game this year.

the new Madden game (with my hero Brett on the cover) will be less fun since i can only play as the Packers...and it'll be strange not having Brett as my QB...but that just means i'll be able to create myself and make ME QB of the Green Bay Packers (that's right, Aaron Rodgers can SUCK MY BALLS*!)!

...!)!...have you ever seen that before?

well, i've lost my sporting momentum as the hour for glassware cleaning and inventory approacheth...sorry about the sports blog, i'll keep them to a minimum...unless that Packers have a truly awesome season again, then i won't be able to contain myself.

*i actually am very excited for the Aaron Rodgers' era in Packer history. i even thought it should have started a year earlier, but that idea got some egg on my face, so i keep my mouth (relatively) shut.