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Published March 09, 2011
Also rock the vote even in the local stuff and also vote for the losers you can bitch up a storm an get away with it because you didn't vote for these people running things. stay away from the trouble makers and trouble place and just do you , because trying to help out trouble people who don't want help or half ass want the help is only going to bring you done , so don't go around them , don't talk about them , and don't even think about them because their - level of level is only going to bring you down , so stay above it , a reward the people that do the good , and put yourself around the winners. Because losers are going lose so be a winner by emulating winners. Stop wasting your life on other that don't give shit. Lay off the porn and the sluts and get out their an be around real people and make real relationships , because having sex is always better with real love because if their is no love you should just stick to beating off and save the world from more bastard kids. Because it's a little thing called a relationship you should really grow one because it's good for the soul buds.  + Power thinking you all ! Meditation is a do. ( I & I ) Smoke weed because it fights of cancer cells ( an if have cancer get of the pills that are killing you even faster and get on the weed and keep smoking it like it's going out of style  please we need you. )  and other sickness and disease. Drink responsibly and only do it in the good times of life with friends. Because being drunk in the hard times in life leads to hard time in the slammer and other bad things as well , trust me i been their a lot in my life and it ain't fun at all. So don't drink by yourself when your down.Cut all the BS out of your life and keep it out for ever , so let the excuses be gone from your life for good. Thinking about the things you can do not the things you can't. Remember one step at a time if you must but remember that your dreams can come true if you go about it the right ways. ( Slay the ego ) Remember bad seeds lead to bad things and good seeds lead to good things so watch where your money goes an watch the things that come you way in life and watch out for the things you do in life and you see how things come together. Words have more power than you think you watch what you say and think about yourself and other about you say and think you will attract because you attract what you say and think about as in you attract what you are in life. Where the opposite attract things comes into play is that no one person is the same as in opposite even if we are just a like in the way we act um K. What you say an do is a reflection of yourself and what goes around comes around so it will reflect back on to you because it's coming for your feelings as what you think of yourself. So be + and stay up players ! But no cocky ego BS because that is just you being self deprecating.See the Good in the other and help them bring it out in the world. PEACE ONE LOVE ONE LiFE FOR ALL FOREVER AND ALWAYS.