Arrive Alive ( Mickey Crews ( Chris Wolfe ) is a house detective you know a dick living in a seedy motel in Daytona Beach Florida back in 1991. An he is the man who gets involved in a investigating the death of a former champion boxer Mac Maxwell ( Mike Tyson  ). He ends up having a romance with a high end high class escort woman \ Stripper they call Joy her real name is Candace LoveJoy ( Jaimee Foxworth ) and she was with the champ at the time of his death. The original script was written by Mitch Glazer and Michael O'Donoghue back in 1990 but i just changed a few things but the story stays the same. An this movie will be director Vince Offer. Real Rated R dark comedy stuff that will be a cult classic forever and a day man. So do it up ! An i didn't even give anything away. But am telling you this will be a good one. Real f*cking funny sh*t ! An it will make new stars out of these two lover birds in the move. Am tell you !) 

Get With the Program ( Derek Miller ( the drummer from the show wedding band and he was as in that show secret girlfriend not the other Derek Miller ) So yeah Derek Miller is Jacob Paul and his 30 year drunk and stoned loser who is unemployed living off his dead parents will in the house he grow up driving around his dads old truck. An he a want to be pro wrestler working the independents the weekends as a jobber under his real name. An when his not doing that his out getting drunk and stoned and looking bone baby ! An all of his "so called friends" just f*ck with him like nonstop because his a loser !  )

Here i Go Again ( 50 year Johnny Dekota ( Ted Mcginley ) after his divorce from his high school sweet Miss. Vicky White ( Julie Mccullough ) who left him so she can be a cougar milf.  Mr. mid life crisis the mail man Johnny Dekota enlist the help of 30 year son Kevin Dekota ( Chuck Hittinger ) the gym owner into being his wing man you dig. Because it's time to live life to the fullest for old Johnny Dekota players. Turn back the clock ladies because Johnny Dekota is looking for love. So let the good times roll players. ) 

Dream-weavers ( A show about good vs evil in dream land. Because dream are a lot more real than you think. Cody Lawless ( Michael Wincott ) is the leader evil in dream land and when his awake his  a man in prison for life for rampage with gun at a church. An the leader of good side is  Sky Kristensen  ( Rochelle Davis ) and when awake she is a young unemployed homeless lady thanks to hurricane flooding that killed her family and destroyed her home and her self owned business a floor shop called Petals. So now the war has begun in the dream worlds and where all apart of it, so get your mind your spirit and your soul in check and choose your side because the battles must be fought until there is a winner.. #LightVsDark ) 

( More ideas later and feel to turn these ideas into whatever you want whoever. ) 

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