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Published June 29, 2012 More Info ยป

#1.) #1 radio prank my 1st cousin Basel Khoury played on me when we lived together in Amman, Jordan. He worked @ Mazaj FM. It was on TV. Host Nadim Sarraj claims he is a movie director & wants to hire me. He speaks only Arabic which I cannot speak:

#2.) Broadcast in Windsor, Chicago & Detroit. I discuss the challenges of a comedy career facing community divisions & mainstream biases.

#3.) Mazaj FM: 9-30-12. #2 Radio Station: Broadcast in Amman, Zarqa cities & online.

#4.) Hangzhou, China: Discover how to monetize the Net, create a web series, become a comedian & what art is?

#5.) Wilmington, Delaware: Call-in's. Drunk. All-black audience. Political questions.

#6.) 219K listeners in Charleston, South Carolina. 1 Hour-Commercial-free. Skip to the end where I roast the host.

#7.) 4/17/13 on the BTS Comedy Show in Raleigh, NC.:!

#8.) New York City w/ Peter Seller's 1st Cousin:

#9.) Urban Starz Radio in Los Angeles:

#10.) In Seattle w/ Playboy Playmate:

#11.) In South Africa w/ New Age Therapies on August 23rd 2013 Friday between 2 - 3 p.m. C.S.T.: Call-in # is (619) 638-8553.

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