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October 10, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Reconnectbook.com today, a new social network for people who've lost a real connection with each other on Facebook.


Social media mogul Mark Zuckerberg announced plans today to unveil Reconnectbook.com, a new social network for people who've lost a real connection with each other on Facebook.

The new network's launch early next year should coincide with the at least $100 million in claims Zuckerberg will pay to investors stemming from Facebook's botched IPO.

While critics of the new venture claim this is just another way for the 28-year-old billionaire to offset his own monetary losses and ultimately "get all the money," Zuckerberg says his motives are much more altruistic.

"I'm in the business of rekindling friendships," Zuckerberg told media.

"Facebook failed. It’s no secret that it's become nothing more than a place for random acquaintances to share their travel, baby and animal photos. Or share overly-simplistic political rants. On Reconnectbook users can get back in touch with people they were once actually friends with."

Amongst other changes, Reconnectbook will also have more stringent guidelines. Said Zuckerberg, "Anyone caught posting how yummy their lunch was will be kicked off the site immediately."