Okay in looking for the worst actor in Hollywood there is no shortage of candidates, some are just getting started as Humphrey Bogart used to say, “Stinking up the movie screen.”

However based on a total cumulative body of work (in other words you can’t be a newcomer as a shi’t actor), and based on the fact he has no business being in this business—-Nicolas Cage, the all-time winner as the worst actor to not only give lousy performances but to survive and do it again and again getting hired to do more bad acting despite the crap he did before.

Send Nicolas Cage a MemoryTag card and use its video capability to tell him he couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag if his life depended on it and what he does isn’t acting——it’s imitating—-a piece of wood.

Richard Burton could have fulfilled the role as a frequent actor in bad films but he is dead and he had his stage career (Hamlet) so we would have to put an asterisk by his name stating that he had some success, and I don’t want to bother.

Back to Nicolas.

His most successful career move was to become the nephew of film director Francis Ford Coppola and even when he went on his own and worked for others he still continued to produce substandard work of the type that might satisfy a fifth grade school play.

Luckily for Nick film acting, blowing the same scene over and over and doing constant retakes can always be solved by film editing where the worst mistakes are edited out leaving a limp, unconvincing performance but as long as audiences want to waste their money watching this, Cage is living proof it doesn’t matter.

He even got an Academy Award but remember the Academy Awards is often a rigged election in which members of the Academy vote for the winner——or sometimes they should be called the loser. Some of the worst films and worst actors of all time have received the award.

Since the beginning of his career movie critics have described Cage’s acting style as “Operatic” which is another way of saying phony, in other words, exaggerated gestures and wild mugging that would be more appropriate for a staged version of Aida (Musical opera) held in Juneau, Alaska for a Rotary Club mixer.In fact Cage attends the annual Comic Con International Convention where at least his style of non-method-acting is more appreciated.

What must Cage be thinking when he steps before a camera to recite dialog he neither feels nor believes? It could be something like, “I can’t believe I’m doing this, I can’t believe I’m getting away with this, I must be a good actor, didn’t people like the last dud I made? It’s just too cool man. It used to be that I didn’t believe I could act but just went and did it anyway and I must be able to act or I wouldn’t be here.

Cage has appeared in dozens of stinkers although many of these films have been box-office successful (proof you can’t insult the public look at our leaders in Congress), and at times he even got some good reviews for his acting but hey, temporary insanity is a condition and you will even see a few Edsel Fords still on the roads despite all the odds.

Let’s take just one film, the Wicker Man made in 2006 something about neo-pagans living on an island in a cult-like setting aka Charles Manson Family rip-off. It sounds promising already. The film became an unintentional comedy and amazingly under that guise has developed its own cult following of freakos who love bad films done in bad taste. In other words it’s so bad it’s good.

The film was notable for its weak acting (Cage) and poor screenwriting (not Cage). Nick should have abandoned the script and ad-libbed this one. Maybe he did.

But while Nicolas Cage as an actor is symbolic of the pillar-of-salt school of acting, he also gives all of us hope—that we too can succeed in some glamorous profession even though we lack talent. If he (Nick) can do it, there’s no reason why you can’t become—–an astronaut who can’t operate equipment—-a farmer who can’t grow things—–a scientist who has never heard of science.

Look at the president!

Nicolas Cage gives all of us hope.

Thank him with a MemoryTag card. You can take your smartphone and record your congratulations to Nick thanking him for all the forgettable performances he has delivered in all the films that were a piece of sh’t——and continuing to do so (Cage became a movie producer and now makes more money and hires other lousy actors for bad films).

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