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November 05, 2014

And just like that, the internet has a new hero.

After a mysterious, lengthy disappearance, Kim Jong-un returned to the world in late October and, not surprisingly, one of the first stops on his, “Hey, I’m Alive!” tour was to a weirdly empty orphanage.

Knowing that he would be posing for photos beside a shit-ton of empty cribs for some reason, the world’s bravest man set up two adorable stuffed animals into one VERY compromising position. Of course, we wouldn’t normally condone this type of activity, but the animals both seem pretty into it.

KJU 1 copy.jpg
KJU 2 copy.jpg
KJU 3 copy.jpg

It’s our hope that this photobomber makes himself known in the days and weeks to come, for he is the true hero we need in these most unfortunate times.

via mashable