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November 05, 2016

The Republican candidate may be looking for other options.

November 5th, 2016 (New Hampshire)

Well,it finally happened. After a campaign dictated by sexism, racism, intimidation, late night tweets, awkward interactions with babies and more sexism, Republican nominee and real life poop emoji Donald Trump hinted at the possibility that maybe, juuuust maybe, he’s not fit to be president.

According to a statement released by a member of Trump’s campaign, who described herself as “Definitely not Kellyanne Conway,"the Republican Candidate allegedly made comments referencing Indeed.com, a popular job search site used mostly by graduating college seniors and people who couldn’t make it in their high school band.

After exiting the stage of a New Hampshire rally, Trump made comments such as "So you can search for any job?” and “Wait, what’s a cover letter? Can I make out with it?”

While there’s no official word as to Trump’s plans, when reached for comment an Indeed spokesperson replied: “Ugh. Please don’t bring us into this shit.”

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