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August 23, 2008


Here's an article throw on my livejournal blog about the whereabouts concerning Tropical Storm Fay.That articlemakes me sound like I'm some half-ass or complete ass metrologoist,fuck it,weatherman.

A Tropical Storm watch is up from the Mississippi/Alabama border to the mouth of the River. This watch does not include Lake Pontchartrain and the City of New Orleans. A tropical storm watch means that tropical storm condition can be expected withing 36 hrs. At 10 p.m., Fay is located at 29.7N 84.2W or 50 miles east of Apalachicola moving west at 8 mph. The winds have increased to 50 mph because Fay is over Apalachee Bay. A westward track is expected to continue keeping Fay more over the coastal waters of the Florida panhandle than earlier expected. Fay will be approaching southeast Louisiana as a tropical storm. The Hurricane Center's position at 7 p.m. Sunday has Fay as a tropical storm over the North shore with winds of 40 mph and higher gusts. There is also the threat of heavy rain with this tropical system Sunday and Monday as well because, between Sunday and Monday, Fay will move little to the west. Saturday should be a day to secure loose objects outside and secure boats. The winds and rains will be the major concern with Fay.

The next paragraph I wrote a couple of hours later.Live journal is weird I test out a lot of shit there coz almost nobody reads that blog;expect when i commented about the Diamondbacks are pissing off the Governator.Some sports blogs went ape shit on that.I keep away from the sport shit of this blog and try to cut on the metal bands talk.

I heard in a recent blog I got from New Orleans that tropical storm Fay might heading up the pearl river by the north shore.That's where It's Britney,bitch is born.Well,Kentwood,Louisiana.All those girls are crazy coked-up party animals.OK,just 86%.I heard from lily that Fay played havoc with Florida.A tropical storm called Cindy does a lot of damage before the old bitch Katrina came around.I had a friend who roof just got repaired from Tropical storm Cindy knocked down a tree through her roof.Then,Katrina destroyed everything.Now,she's living in a FEMA trailer on the north shore.All she needs Tropical Storm Fay to throw her little tin can of a home all around.Shit,I'm glad moved to the desert.Still,I gotta worry about monsoons and dust storms.

More to come.Gotta go to the bathroom right now.That's might have fell into the way too much information catagory.