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November 23, 2009


WOW!  I mentioned "rape" in my last blog and it would seem that the internet is rife with scathing contempt for the performance I, seemingly alone, completely admired.  I can't believe that I have to explain WHY it was so FANTASTIC...but I will because I have to change your minds.
Okay...so I haven't watched a music awards show in well over a decade.  I am completely out of touch and can't even spell Rihanna (?)...and yet when we watched last night (my daughter wanted to see AL), I could miraculously call every single winner.  You can play the tape, I did not miss ONE but for saying that Taylor Swift SHOULD win the last one but thought the posthumous Jackson would take it, and then Taylor won LOL So, out of touch, but not really since I didn't even know who these people were and they were so surprised when I wasn't.  It was a PAINFUL 3 hours of over reaching, wannabe "performance art" and the constant message was this overdramatic, overaggressive gyration with pretty lights.  With the acception of a fragile Whitney Houston, all the other female performers were clad in their dominatrix gear, pumping it out...from Nelly Furtado to Fergie to Rihanna to J LO in the boxing ring with aggressive, pumping, fly girl CRAPTASTIC and BORING. OVERDONE.  So, the final show of the night has Adam Lambert, all glammed up, strolling, pouting, snarling, whip in hand, pelvic face thrusting keyboardist tongue bathing, KAPOW!   Strutting through that mirrored closet door....HYSTERICAL!  It was so campy and so deliberately DEFIANT and unapologetic...it prompted me to call out "Is that gay enough for you?" after, in response to the critics who fruitlessly argue over whether or not Adam is appropriately gay enough to be the platform from which all other gays must pass to become "successful artists"...I thought his performance summed it up right down to the song title. "For Your Entertainment". I'd go on, but I'm heading out now to buy his CD :)