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July 11, 2010


Patrick Mohr is a name that ought live on in Bizarre Fashion History. Now, I'm down with the creative instincts of fashion designers. Everything old is new again. Even the stuff that you know nobody will ever wear because a hoop dress won't fit in the overhead compartment of the plane (or the cargo area for that matter) is fine with me because you have to compare them to less crazier designs (and I use the word 'crazier' with the best intentions possible). Now, if you've ever followed Patrick Mohr (and chances are you haven't), you would know that he LOVES triangles. There was a study done decades ago that people who drew with squares tended to be intellectual, people who drew with circles tended to be sexual, and people who drew with triangles tended to be artistic. Patrick Mohr thinks he is being artistic by using triangles in everything he does, but instead he is being nihilistic. That's okay, he can be nihilistic.  Others have done it before, better.

Apparently, the writing was on the wall that the fashion world was tuning him out, so he decided to rip a page out of the last syndicated year of the TV show Sliders and introduce a race of aliens called Kromaggs (you know: Cro-Magnon Man!) except with more facial hair. Now I understand why Gillette just came out with a new five-blade razor.

You can see more of his conehead-style here.

and if that isn't enough for you, try this from earlier this year.

You should look at the pictures with the song In the Year 2525 by Zager and Evans playing in the background.