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Published July 14, 2011 More Info »
Top Ten Reasons Ultimo Dragon should be on the T.N.A. impact pro wrestling roster here in 2015. 

#10.  His a world wide legend that will bring in more people to the fan base T.N.A. is shooting for in 2015. 

#9. The Ultimo Dragon is the last man who was ever trained by Bruce Lee , so yeah T.N.A. needs him. 

#8. So he can become a T.N.A. H.O.F. member in 2016.  Making that T.N.A. H.O.F. look good ! 

#7. For the match up he can have with guys like The Great Sanada or EC3 or Tigre Uno ,  just naming a few feuds. 

#6.  Class up X Division with little old Ultimo Dragon. 

#5. " Locker room leader "

#4.  He puts butts in seats. 

#3.  Just because Ultimo Dragon still got it ! 

#2. Ultimo Dragon can help grow the T.N.A. Brand in Mexico and in Japan. 

#1. Just so Ultimo Dragon can have that one last good run you dig. 

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