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The Wrestling Game ( Promoting the world of professional wrestling at the expense of his own life, x pro wrestler King Kong Bundy is starting up his own pro wrestling company. He takes a stand and defends what he thinks is right for pro wrestling. VS. The gamblers, mobsters, unscrupulous wrestlers, money-grubbing promoters, and fixers conspire to corrupt the industry. As King Kong Bundy tries to make the game as honest and fair as it is his idealized vision. King Kong Bundy's efforts climax as he promotes an over-the-hill roster full of guys and women in the final matches of there career. An his life on the line for this one big time shot in the dark with a live PPV in his home town of Atantic City Nj. An if this show isn't a sale out an if it doesn't do good on the PPV ratings he will be killed and his new pro wrestling company will die off with him, being that he made this company on borrowed money from the mob here in Atantic City when first getting it off the ground. So if he can't pay off the mob and pay off the wrestling, when still come out in the green after this show to keep things going, the King Kong Wrestling Federation ( KKWF ) isn't going to make it past the PPV.  Rated R. A straight to DVD 2 disc pack one of the move and the other of the full length matches from the movie. A ture cult classic for the pro wrestling fans out there in the world. A must see.)


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