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September 03, 2009


As a child of a raging alcoholic, I have a very small threshold for drinking (I'll pass out on half a beer), and just no interest in drugs, but that doesn't mean I'm not jealous of alcoholics. I mean, COME ON! They get to do and say anything/everything they want and never have to take any responsibility. People walk on eggshells for them, accept alternate reality for them, hold their hair while they puke and to help them...well, they buy them more booze of course!!! An alcoholic's life is essentially my dream, but I am just not creative enough to manage my bills and drink. I have never understood how alcoholics could afford their habit and now I realize that they don't afford it, they rely on those around them to foot the bill for them because it's the enablers that are the problem, not the alcoholic. How can we expect someone that drunk to be responsible? the enablers should be in the twelve step programs and they are the ones who should give it up.