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March 25, 2015

The top 5 reasons that more younger women are dating old men.

5 Reasons Young Women Date Old Men

By King Christopher

Assets: A old poor guy, still has a lot more than a young poor guy. Older men tend to have more assets such as a decent car, house ect…

Competition:Younger men can be too competitive, even when it comes to looking good. A woman doesn’t want a guy who competes with her. Older men just don’t care!

Sex: Women just aren’t in the mood all the time and neither are older men. Younger guys want more sex.Yes, women will have sex with younger men but it’s more like a house chore to keep the young guy happy.

Control:Women are control freaks. They like an old man who feels great full to have her. Women find someone who is great full sexy.

Temperament: Older men aren’t as hot headed as young men. You don’t see too many old guys in bar room brawls because another old guy checked out his wife/girlfriend.