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June 12, 2008


Butch Jackson is the most celebrated soccer player of all time.  An incredible feat considering it was accomplished without ever playing on a team. 

Actually, we created the Butch Jackson character a couple years ago and he got quite a Myspace following.

His greatness inspired us to host a poetry contest in his honor.

And the winner of the 2007 Butch Jackson Poetry Challenge was:

***Autumn Allen***

Congratulations Autumn!  Hell of a poem!

You have won an almost priceless 8x10 Butch and Shane glossy signed by the greatest futboller ever and his faithful brother Shane.

Here is Autumn’s submission:

by Autumn Allen

Butch Jackson is sporty,
But not yet quite forty.
He plays soccer with flair,
And has has long flowing blonde hair.
His brother Shane is so fine,
I wish he were mine.
Oh, Butch won't you get me his number!

A salute to Butch Jackson,
THE great man of action.
Speed, agility and drive
Like none other alive.
His love of the game,
Only surpassed by his fame.
An idol to all
Making love to the ball
Though they try none compare,
As he's fueled by his hair.
While his opponents all fear
They say Shane might be "a bit different"
Setting the stage,
None can quite gage
This greatest to have played
The game that Butch made.
Just like Butch all dream to be
For a more superior talent you will NEVER see
While on guys Shane tries to make passes
To Butch Jackson we Salute and raise our glasses!

Well said!

And the 1st runner-up...

pot it grows from the ground
if Butch didn’t want it,
it wouldn’t be around.

So all you people who don’t get high
shut the hell up and give it a try.

Shane Jackson rules!

- anonymous

OK, this poet possibly had an agenda.  That’s fine.  We are a little confused by the drug reference and we have no any idea how Butch feels about “pot” but we were impressed with the rhymes.

And the 2nd runner-up:

Butch Jackson

Butch is a weirdo
Shane is a weirdo
PerronBrothers is a weirdo
Marty, Matt, Mike
a bunch of fricking weirdos
Kiss my ass
“Pub in the Tub” sucked
Rot in hell, butches.

- anonymous

OK, someone slipped this in Mike’s mailbox wrapped in a taco bell chalupa wrapper.  Not really sure if it was supposed to be “butches” or “bitches”. 

It was the third out of four poems submitted.  The fourth poem was really good but we felt it may have been plagiarized. 

It began:

“Whose woods these are I think I know.
Butch Jackson is in the village though”

Hmmmm....vaguely familiar.