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November 09, 2009


So...yesterday! It was a lovely day here in Toronto, and my baby daddy and I took our daughter to Edwards Gardens and tooled around for a bit, got home, and in the driveway he tells me that he's STARVING (I am also hungry as I made our daughter a meal before we left, but he and I didn't eat anything), so he goes off to get groceries and I bring our daughter inside. I get her into her chair, set her up with her show (she loves Bakugan, and we actually had planned to be home for 2 pm so she could watch it (otherwise she/we have to get up at 7 am to watch the same epi). I set her up, make her medicine and grab her a cheese and cracker snack. I put the car seat away, empty the travel bag, put the dishes away and wash up some more that were in the sink, and am just sitting down to check my e-mail when he comes home. The look...that FUCKING look...indicates that he is displeased. Why aren't I doing homework with our daughter? I reply that she is watching her show, which we both promised her that she could do. Well then, why aren't I doing ANYTHING? Why don't I do ANYTHING EVER?  Why does HE have to do ALL the work?  So...now remember, I'm hungry also and I had literally just sat down, so I'm not having it.  I get up and I yell :"Okay, you want to be the one who does everything? HERE!" So, I take every dish I have just washed and toss them back into the sink and randomly pull dishes out of the cupboard to refill the dish dryer, storm down the hall grab the car seat and the travel bag and just throw them back down the hall.  I'm like "HERE!  I'LL LET YOU DO EVERYTHING AROUND HERE!"
So, he makes a surly comment and condemns me for "yelling" in front of our daughter.  I'm like, "Are you kidding me? You're actually going to pretend that this isn't exactly what you wanted?"
So...he makes a mistake and he calls me a very offensive name.  So, i follow him into the kitchen and ask him to repeat what he just called me, which he won't. He tries to pull the silent treatment as he puts an uncooked pizza into the oven and starts to walk away.  "Hey!" I yell, and I take the pizza out of the oven. "I will NOT TOLERATE being called names in my home infront of my daughter."  I defiantly slam the pizza onto the floor and the cheese and pepperoni sprays everywhere!!!  It was AWESOME!  Now he's PISSED!  So, he picks up what he can of the pizza and hurls it at me, so of course I hurl it back...soon it's just EVERYWHERE!!! 
So...after the food fight, I come out of the kitchen with cheese in my hair, my neck covered with sauce...my daughter takes at me and asks "Oh!  Are we having pizza?"    LMAO!!!!!
He cleaned, I went to the store and got another pizza. 
It's inneresting.