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April 09, 2018

What happens when someone is found reading the worst possible book is shocking.

Total Creep

when that camera pull in just right.

I’m intrigued, part of me is like we all relate to this and another part of me is like please no more of this.

Ah yes, back to the topic at hand.

At first, I thought this video was going to be about the guy who did that strange eye fuck thing at the top, but now it seems like they’ve gone in a different direction. Having a hard time keeping up.

Maybe there’s hope.

Wait a second, I think I’m catching on. I really hope he doesn’t do anything to screw this up, and that this ends on a good note.

You are not going to believe this

That moment when you find out you read the wrong book.

I just don’t get how this is possible. How do you show up to a book club, and sit through the meeting and make this mistake? I call bull shit on this one. This makes me SO angry not only did he read the wrong book, but he also brought the worst possible book you could bring? Like who even sells that, Barnes & Noble? How is that even done?


When your boy makes brownies out of brownies

I’m not going to give away the ending, but I’m guessing that guy wishes that girl wasn’t there to witness him poisoning his friends.

See for yourself