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June 05, 2010


I can't use FOD's Front page. I cant get on Fod.. I have to use a vid link that I have on face book to enter and log in.
I don't know if Its just me. I did get a little grumpy with the face book staffers the other day when they left the caption up for four days.
I can't access any thing on the fron t page. I have been comming on to check out the dave and LLFLa and spider girl ect Joelee. But I can't get on anything else. Am I the only one? If so I'll give them a few days before I check back in and if its still like that by ohh wednesday, I'm going to pull my vids and close down shop.  I have to go to facebook. log in click on a vid That is linked to here and then log in when the vid starts to play. If I go to the front page I get a pop up that says  I cannot access this info.
I I can't do that long.
Love you all very much and hat4e to check out like that after all this time but I don't need fod that fucking much, If its descrimination.