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October 20, 2009



   I love New York.. I especially LOVE the M train… reason being it is one of those trains that ventures through neighborhoods that, while very ethnically different from one and other , are complete isolationist for that respective culture.


1st stop Metropolitan ave…. Middle Village

Ahhhhhhhhh- good old fashioned Guido neighborhood. Once known as little berlin… all the Germans moved out when Super Mario moved in….  This stop is wear you see all the men get on in their sharp pinstriped business suits.. sooooo much cologne you need a gas mask.  The girls with their day glo orange glows resemble little rows of oompa loompas…   


2nd stop- Fresh Pond Road- Ridgewood

This neighborhood was also at one point all german… then all Italian… Now completely Polish..

Enough said… people walking onto the train backwards.. the usual polish stuff…


3rd stop Forest Ave- 4th Stop Seneca - Border of Ridgewood and Bushwick Brooklyn…

Ahhhh while a few Polish stragglers still get on at this stop…. (Probably lost and wandered over).. this is where hard core Dominican/ Puerto Rican BK starts.. FYI – the two groups hate each other… yet I am the only one who is afraid of getting shived.  Bamboo earings, Reggaeton and babies mommas run this hood…


Im usually asleep after this point… put we eventually come up to a very strange area.. around Hewes/Lorrimer and marcy Ave. This is where a mix of Hasidic jews and Carribian/African Americans hop on….  All I can think is “Crown Heights Riot” as I duck into a corner…


NEXT STOP IS….Essex st through Bowery… CHINA TOWN..

What can I say.. Asians are always funny.. ( and confused_ )…


I hop off to join the rat race at Fulton.. so I can smoke my cig on my walk to Wall st…


What nationality am I you ask.. that I can sit here and take blows..


Im Cuban / German/ Hungarian/ Welsh/ French


I have all my bases covered…